Mise à jour de Matrix (Synapse/Element)

How to update Matrix?

1. Build the new containers

Often, I update Riot Web and Synapse at the same time.

So, from now we expect you have:

From the /app folder, you can now simply build and push the new images:

docker-compose build riot synapse

And then send them to the docker hub:

docker-compose push riot synapse

Don't forget to commit and push your changes before doing anything else!

2. Deploy the new containers

Now, we will edit the deployment file app/im/deploy/im.hcl.

Find where the image is defined in the file, for example Element-web will look like that:

  group "riotweb" {
    count = 1

    task "server" {
      driver = "docker"
      config {
        image = "superboum/amd64_riotweb:v17"
        port_map {
          web_port = 8043

And replace the image = entry with its new version created above. Do the same thing for the synapse service.

Now, you need a way to access the cluster to deploy this file. To do this, you must bind nomad on your machine through a SSH tunnel. If you have access to the Nomad web UI when entering you are ready to go.

Now, on your machine and from the app/im/deploy folder, you must be able to run:

nomad plan im.hcl

Check that the proposed diff corresponds to what you have in mind. If it seems OK, just copy paste the nomad job run ... im.hcl command proposed as part of the output of the nomad plan command.

From now, it will take around ~2 minutes to deploy the new images. You can follow the deployment from the Nomad UI. Bear in mind that, once the deployment is done on Nomad, you may still need to wait some minutes that Traefik refreshes its configuration.

If everythings worked as intended, you can commit and push your deployment file.

If something went wrong, you must rollback your deployment.

  1. First, find a working deployment with nomad job history
  2. Revert to this deployment with nomad job revert

Now, if the deployment failed, you should probably investigate what went wrong offline. I built a test stack with docker-compose in app/<service>/integration that should help you out (for now, test suites are only written for plume and jitsi).